EMAC Promotional Materials

Development and Branding of Promotional Materials for the EMAC Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

MoHu 2011

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Egypt Culture Shopping Bag

Culture Characteristics Expressed Through a Unique Pattern

MoHu 2011

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9 Days of MoHu (2011)

Art Awareness in Upstate New York

MoHu 2011

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Gala 2012 At Cohoes Music Hall

Announcement of Season10 Productions for Cohoes Music Hall

Gala 2012

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Cohoes Music Hall Season 9 Materials

Printed Materials Promoting the Upcoming Season 9 Productions


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Don't Drink and Drive Campaign

A Class Project Focusing on Developing a Campaign to Prevent Drunk Driving

Don't Drink and Drive

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Past Projects

Take a Look at a Variety of Older Projects

Archived Projects

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